Welcome to The International School
of Processwork in honor of
Arnold Mindell

The ISP is a post-graduate school and a learning community which makes every effort for education in Processwork to be at the highest level. We welcome people of all ages, religions, cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations, etc. The faculty members endeavor to support the students in their unique way of learning. The ISP’s program is dedicated to everyone who would like to get the knowledge, skills and practice in Process Oriented Psychology.

We are a Postgraduate School, and also a community of teachers and students creating together a training program Processwork that is affiliated under the umbrella of IAPOP (International Association of Process Oriented Psychology). This association is also home to several schools / training programs. Since our priority is Process Work itself, we encourage anyone who is considering studying this method, first to choose the school that best suits him/her and with whom he wants to tie his future for several years of education. If after reviewing other schools and opportunities we are still the best choice, please read the details of our programs and the application procedure. Our mission is: self-growth, good relationships, community and combining work with passion.